Please limit usage to 6 design tools at a given time for maximum performance.

Verco Design Tools

Maximum Allowable Unshored Span Calculator
Calculate your maximum un-shored span for thick slabs, etc.

VR Deck Selector
Select the most efficient roof deck design based on your diaphragm requirements.

Verco Dovetail Design Tools

The design tools below are intended to be used with the newest product offering from Verco/Vulcraft Group, Dovetail Deck.  As we continue to develop our systems and software these tools will be extended to other deck types.  At this time they only do Dovetail deck.

Verco Dovetail Steel Deck Roving Load
Calculate the concentrated roving load that may be applied to any rib of the selected roof deck, in addition to the defined uniform loads.

Verco 2018 IBC Deck Diaphragm (Dovetail Only)
Calculate your unfilled deck diaphragm shear and stiffness for your exact condition based on the American Iron and Steel Institute AISI S310-16

Verco Dovetail Composite Deck-Slab Strength
Create your custom composite deck-slab strength and maximum unshored span tables for Dovetail FORMLOK profiles.

Verco Deck-Slab Diaphragm Strength (Dovetail Only)
Calculate your deck-slab diaphragm strength and stiffness for selected deck profiles based on AISI S310-16.

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