Acoustical Cellular Deck

All roof and floor cellular deck profiles are available as acoustical cellular deck. Acoustical cellular deck profiles provide the same look as Verco’s cellular deck, but with the added benefit of sound attenuation where the deck is exposed to the interior. The use of all acoustical cellular deck is limited to non-fire-resistive assemblies. Acoustical cellular deck is constructed the same way as the cellular deck, except there are 5/32-inch diameter circular perforations on 7/16-inch staggered centers in the flat bottom plate. Bands of these perforations are centered below every top flange of the fluted portion. When specifying acoustical cellular deck, identify the desired cellular deck profile followed by “Acoustical”. For example, when calling out a PLW2-CD profile with acoustical perforations in the flat plate, specify “PLW2-CD Acoustical”. Acoustical batts for acoustical cellular deck are installed by Verco at their manufacturing plant.

Acoustical Cellular Deck (Floor) NRC Values

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